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In "How to Start an Event Catering business Peniel shares her story with expert tips from knowledge she had gained from her experiences of winning and losing.
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This handbook seeks to help team leaders
and members alike as well as customer
service personnel be at the top of their
It provides both theoretical approaches to<   ... Read More


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Foreword by Emeka Nobis.

"In 2010 I set off to author my first book. 

Inspired by the possibility of being published by a foreign company, I made stri   ... Read More


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HOW LATE IS TOO LATE? was written
because the author believes this is the
best time to build a transformational and
originative business for late
bloomers. This book sho   ... Read More


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Everyone consumes content on a daily basis.

It is content that clarifies a customer’s need to buy a product or hire a service.

When people are satisfied with what they&rsq   ... Read More


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There's a formula that guarantees abundant wealth. This formula is a compass that will guide you from whatever position you are to a place of true riches, cash and kind and all. This formula is   ... Read More