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The popular saying goes thus:

“The best way to hide something from Black people is to put it in a book."

We're changing this narrative by maximizing the effectiveness of mobile technology across Africa to make great books available for everyone to read, in different formats.

It is the dream of every African Author and Reader to have unlimited access to Audiobooks, eBooks and Paperbacks all in one platform. This is why we have built TEBEBA BOOKS to help you Publish your books in three different formats and have them available and affordable to the Global Audience.

We have made it easy for Readers to have access to books from their favourite Authors in three different formats.

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Editor , Writer, and Writing Consultant.

Sunday Anani

Author, Teacher, Coach, trainer, and editor.


Leadership development expert, author, and management consultant.


CEO SW Advantage, Ghostwriter, Publisher, Writer, Trainer, and Consultant.


  • We make ebook and audiobook publishing simple, swift, and absolutely free.
  • Upload your ebook or audiobook once and reach multiple audiences for free.
  • We promote hardcopy books for our authors so they can reach their audiences.
  • We make reading easy and enjoyable.
  • We make great and quality books easily accessible to readers worldwide.
  • We provide a simple publishing system to make it easy for anyone to create, publish, and distribute ebooks and audiobooks.

We have exceptional services to help you get started as an Author because we have your interest at heart.

If you want to get your thoughts, ideas, stories or messages into any of the three book formats, this is just the right place to be. How would you love to have your book published?

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