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Publish your Paperback with TEBEBA Publishing

NB: We only publish Paperback for TEBEBA Authors. This means that you must have your book published and printed by TEBEBA for easy delivery to those who ordered the book.
  • Quickly Publish Your Book or Paperback and Update Anytime
  • Reach a wider audience and have them read your book
  • Earn 60% royalties and keep control of your copyright

How It Works

  • Step 1. Publish and print your paperback with TEBEBA publishing
  • Step 2. Create an account on TEBEBA BOOKS
  • Step 3. Create your Book listing and set the available copy of books
  • Step 4. Upload your Book Cover and Set Your Price
  • Step 5. Publish and see your Paperback appear on TEBEBA BOOKS

Need More Help? We can bring your Book to reality with our Book Publishing Services.

Cover Design
With the aid of our team of excellent graphic experts, we give your eBook a world-class book cover design. If you want to succeed with your eBook, it’s important you don’t toy with its cover. At TEBEBA, our cover designs make our authors sell their books effortlessly.
Inner Layout Design
We design and lay out your book in formats suitable for the content of your book, thereby making it easier for your readers to grasp its core message.
Formating & Converting
We also format your book and convert it to EPUB for easy upload to TEBEBA BOOKS.
ISBN Registration
Every book should have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). At TEBEBA, we take the stress off you and help you procure an ISBN for your book through the National Library Board (As a full-fledged publishing firm, we are registered under the Library Board).
Barcode Issuance
Without a registered barcode, it will be difficult to sell your book in a bookstore, especially internationally. Hence, TEBEBA helps issue a barcode for your book for easy sales.
Interview on Our Facebook Community of thousands of Writers and Thought Leaders Across the Globe We’ll also have an interview with you to help promote your book and create awareness about the awesomeness you’ve just birthed.
E-flyers & Mock-ups
We’ll present you with two different mock-ups and an e-flyer for online promotions.
Author Page
We will help you create a beautiful Author page to help customers learn about you and your eBook while they close the purchasing process on TEBEBA BOOKS.
Online Marketing & Promotion
One major challenge authors face is promoting their books online, which is also known as online marketing. At TEBEBA, we don’t stop talking about the books of authors we publish for; thereby keeping them connected to their ideal audience.

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